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Hair Masks! Do they actually work? and why are they essential to your hair?

Hair masks are a rich source of deep conditioning and reparative ingredients essential for hair rejuvenation, deep hydration, repair and nourishment of hair strands.

Many of the ingredients needed for hair growth, protection and hydration are at your disposal via fruits and vegetables such as:

  • Coffee will be your best friend if you want to promote hair growth and stimulate hair growth at follicular level.
  • Aloe vera gel, is perfect for bleached hair due to its healing properties

While assisting in soothing your hair, as well as taming to any split ends you may be experiencing.

  • Coconut oil & argan oil, are ideal ingredients for retaining moisture and deep conditioning of your scalp while catering to dryness, split ends and eliminate any dandruff production.

Dianella Deep Conditioning Mask is the first of its kind with ūüęź designed to hydrate, deep-condition and rejuvenate your hair.¬†This proprietary formula provides a powerful moisturization that will leave your hair silky-smooth.

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